About me

Why was this blog founded?

The blog was founded in order to strengthen my current knowledge and also to help other people interested in natural methods of treatment. However, reading and following the recommendations from the blog can not be used as a substitute for individually selected physiotherapy, nutritherapy, or pharmacological treatment. Each case is exceptional and what can bring one relief, can hurt the other. Please keep this in mind. I would also like to point out that as the owner and administrator of this site I am not responsible for any side effects incorrectly adapted to the therapy.

What is this blog about?  

First of all, I will write here many ways to support the human body’s natural ability to self-heal. The theme of the blog is healthy nutrition, supplementation, and, of course, adequate physical activity.
Due to the fact that I would like the blog to be maintained as a scientific one, most of the information uploaded here is confirmed by research.
You will also find here recipes for various foods that support immunity, because what would be a theory unsupported by practice. ?

Who am I?

I am a Master of Physical Therapy, a graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland. I have also studied Dietetics at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. I am passionate about a healthy lifestyle, nutrigenomics, and nutrigenetics.

My interests

My main interests include a holistic approach to conservative treatment of autoimmune diseases, mainly through a properly selected diet and physiotherapy, as well as generally understood physical activity and lifestyle.
The subject is particularly close to me, as my adventure with changing my lifestyle began with diagnosing me with Hypothyroidism, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, and reflux. I have also suffered from multiple neurological symptoms but never was given a concrete diagnosis.
At that time I often had the impression that more of me was sick than healthy … After a huge change in lifestyle, diet and physical activity my health improved dramatically and today I can say that most of the symptoms are happily no longer with me 🙂
Due to the fact that I had the opportunity to see how great value in human health are the foundations in the form of diet and physical activity, a passion arose, which I began to share with others wanting to change their attitude to their body and thus regain health. I will tell you more about the history of my illness in one of the posts. Thanks to the fact that I worked hard on my health today, I am in a moment when I do not have to identify with them.
In September 2017, I founded a group called Nutrition in autoimmune diseases and allergies (in Polish) , which is used to exchange information on nutritional therapies in diseases from the auto aggression spectrum. For a few months I wrote on it about the above topics, however the group grew considerably, and to sort out the information I decided to transfer its content to the outside. That’s how Holistycznie.net was created.

When it comes to private interests, my main spot-ons are windsurfing, running, and climbing. I’m also passionate about photography.


Diplomas confirming professional qualifications and some certificates from training and conferences in which I participated are available at the polish version of the site due to limited site size.