Th1 and Th2 domination in autoimmunology – the arms of the immune system.

Awareness of the type of dominance of the arms of the immune system is one of the most important things on the way being put into remission in autoimmune diseases. Thanks to this knowledge, we are able to adjust the appropriate supplements and type of training that will fit the case and will work in the patient’s favor.

Th1 dominance is characterized by the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and thus increased inflammation, while Th2 dominance will be accompanied by increased secretion of antibodies. Th2 dominance will result in a reduction in the overall level of inflammation in the body.

Each type of domination is characterized by special symptoms, and usually, specific disease entities run with a specific type of Th dominance.

Th1 domination is usually present in:

* Hashimoto’s disease
* Rheumatoid arthritis
* Alzheimer’s disease
* Irritable bowel syndrome (also in Th2 dominance)
* Delayed food intolerances like IgG
* Inflammatory bowel diseases
* Psoriasis
* Multiple sclerosis

and many more.

Th2 domination is correlated with:

* Asthma
* Allergies, hay fewer (including seasonal allergies)
* Eczema
* IgE food allergy
* Autism
* Chronic fatigue syndrome
* Sjogren’s syndrome
* Histamine intolerance

and many more.

Diagnosis of domination can make the implemented diet, training and supplementation, as well as changes in lifestyle will be more effective. It will shorten this treatment and prevent loss of money and time. Due to the different prevalence of dominance, however, supplementation without the diagnosis of the arms of the immune system is not recommended, as it may contribute to the deterioration of the patient’s condition.

What will lower the Th1 arm:

* omega 3
* Vitamin A
* Turmeric (preferably in the morning)
* Resveratrol
* Berberine
* Lithium
* Cats claw
* Hemp oils (including CBD and THC)
* Black cumin ♥ ️
* Aloe
* Caffeine
* Vitamin D3!
* LDN (there will be a whole separate post about it

When it comes to food, which I will help in the domination of Th1:

* Rice
*Oils: olive oil (cold pressed!), Avocado, sesame, fish (eg Tran of good quality), black cumin
* Soy
* An avocado
* Pineapple
* Papain
* Watermelon
* Apples
* Egg protein (say research, but note! – they do not take into account food hypersensitivity type IgG which in the domination of Th1 occur extremely often)
* Karob
* Mustard


* The most important always and everywhere, the number 1 when it comes to lifestyle: RHYTHM DOSE!
* Posts, Intermittent fasting
* Acupuncture
* Daylight / UVB

When it comes to food, which I will help in the domination of Th2:

* low lecithin food
* kiwi
* cocoa (only if there is no allergy!)
* black cumin and black cumin oil
* coffee
* broccoli sprouts (also very helpful in chronic Lyme disease!)
* products of bee origin
* proper mineralization and content of vitamins in the diet


* interval exercises
* ice cold baths, cold exposure
* sex, love (generally anything that will cause oxytocin secretion)
* exposure to light


* Resveratrol (eg from red wine)
* Lycopene (found for example in tomatoes)
* Spirulina
* Oregano oil
* Ashwaganda (carefully with problems with the digestive tract)
* Colostrum
* Kurkumina / turmeric

What should be especially observed in the domination of Th2:

* Alcohol
* Soy
* MCT oil (!)
* Papaina / papaya
* too high doses of vitamin d3
* magnesium deficiency
* BPA (plastic, for example, in my case plastic discontinuation basically settled the matter of Th2 dominance)

In summary, which of the above can be used without a detailed diagnosis, because the studies showed positive effects in both # Th1 and # Th2 dominance (before use, consult your doctor):

* eliminating or reducing the use of plastic
* regulation of the daily cycle, exposure to daylight
* black cumin oil
* resveratrol
* turmeric // curcumin
* omega 3.


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